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Research and Literature

WNCP Aboriginal Content Validation Guidelines

fnmiassessWNCP Common Tool for Assessing and Validating Teaching and Learning Resources for Cultural Appropriateness and Historical Accuracy of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Content, 2011






Both Connection: Information for Teachers online newsletter and Alberta Education’s Authorized Resources Database are available at:



Select Other Resources and Links to access these resources.  A brochure to help inform school communities about Cree provincial language programs of study is available online at:   




An information sheet for teachers and administrators new to Cree language programs or for those wishing to start a Cree language program is now available online at:  



A Review of the Literature on Second Language Learning, 2nd edition, is available at:   




FNMI Language and Culture Program Contact:  


Gena Kolay, Curriculum Manager, FNMI Language and Culture Program, gena.kolay@gov.ab.ca

Phone:  780-422-3258